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Expert Working Groups

Airborne Laser Scanning Software Workshop, TU Vienna, Nov 2014

Airborne Laser Scanning Software Workshop, TU Vienna, Nov 2014

The Expert Working Groups address technical and scientific issues specific to airborne measurements, through specialised workshops, with a view to exchange knowledge and promote best practices in airborne research.

The main objectives of the EUFAR Expert Working Groups are:

  • to facilitate the transfer of expert knowledge to users, operators, funding agencies and industry;
  • to compile supplementary online material of the EUFAR handbook on Airborne Measurement for Environmental Research (state-of-the-art in airborne physical measurement principles and techniques);
  • to improve the expertise among specialised scientists in fields of airborne research by organising expert workshops.

Expert Working Groups:

Expert Working Group Leader
Calibration / Validation MALTHUS Tim
Certification / Operations GRATTON Guy
Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems / UAS REUDER Joachim
Quality Assurance / Control SCHLAGER Hans georg
Measurement of Aircraft State, and Thermodynamic and Dynamic Parameters ZOGER Martin
In Situ Trace Gas Measurements MCQUAID Jim
In Situ Measurements of Aerosol Particles FORMENTI Paola
In Situ Characterisation of Cloud and Precipitation Particles VOIGT Christiane
Aerosol and Cloud Particle Sampling KRAEMER Martina
Atmospheric Radiation and Remote Sensing Measurements RUHTZ Thomas
Hyperspectral Remote Sensing BEN DOR Eyal
Lidar and Radar Observations DELANOE Julien

Participants are experts in airborne measurements that are recognised internationally in their field.
Their activities are conducted within targeted workshops related to the expert working groups.

The main activity of the experts is to disseminate their knowledge through the EUFAR Front-Office (EUFAR website), by providing information about the whole set of instruments available for every type of airborne measurement, about existing probes in Europe and their specific improvements, about their ownership and the access procedures, about scientific references, about technical issues and regulations specific to airborne research operation.

Only registered members can apply to become experts in one or more of the working groups listed above.  To apply to become an expert, click on the group of interest in the table above.

To be kept simply up-to-date on the activities related to a specific working group, join the group's mailing list.


Expert Thematic Workshops

A number of thematic expert workshops will be held along the course of the current EUFAR project (2014-2018) linked to the aforementioned working groups . Each workshop will deliver a report including recommendations to the scientific community, aircraft operators and funding organisations. Three workshops will be jointly held in collaboration with the N5TTO: Technology Transfer Activity, where by experts and industry players will be given the opportunity to closely interact and develop partnerships for upgrading and transforming airborne research instruments, methodologies and software into innovative and useful products.

For more information on previous expert workshops, click here.



N4EWG Activity Leader
Manfred Wendisch
University of Leipzig - Leipzig Institute for Meteorology, Germany

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