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Name In Situ Characterisation of Cloud and Precipitation Particles
Description Clouds play a leading role in the Earth system, particularly in the global energy balance and hydrological cycle. Indeed, clouds contribute to about half of the Earth’s albedo, a key parameter that determines the fraction of solar incident energy reflected by the Earth. Clouds also regulate the greenhouse effect that controls the temperature at the Earth surface.
This EWG deals with airborne measurements of cloud particles, from their bulk properties such as liquid and ice water content (IWC) to the full characterisation of the particle size distribution (PSD) and shapes.
Leader VOIGT Christiane

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23/07/2016 ICCP & EUFAR Expert Workshop on Data Processing, Analysis & Presentation of Software of Cloud Probes
Manchester, UK
VOIGT Christiane 23/06/2016 15:58
02/08/2016 10:56
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