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Data archive

EUFAR Data Archive

The EUFAR dataset combines data from flight campaigns and training courses funded under EUFAR FP7 project (2008-2013) and its successor EUFAR2 (2014-2018).

EUFAR's data archive activity (coordinated by STFC) seeks to improve access to and use of the data collected by instrumented aircraft in Europe, providing a unique portal to the data along with supporting metadata. This includes providing well documented access to distributed archives and a secure accessible archive for remaining offline data. Support will be given to data providers to attain community-agreed standard data formats.

New data continue to be added into the EUFAR data and as of 2016, and the archive currently provides links to 162 flights (including auxiliary data) for 55 EUFAR funded flight campaigns (~2TB) plus links to a further 9.3TB of ARSF and FAAM flights. Flight data from EUFAR supported research campaigns continue to arrive and be ingested as they become available.

EUFAR Flight Finder - EFF 

The EUFAR Flight Finder tool (EFF) has been developed at STFC's Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA) as part of the EUFAR2 data archive activity. This is a geospatial-temporal search interface to locate EUFAR data within the EUFAR data archive at CEDA and can be found at  EUFAR Flight Finder - EFF.


EUFAR Flight Finder - EFF


The aim of the EFF is to facilitate the location and identification of EUFAR flights and to link to the appropriate data files in the archive. Users can search by geographical area on a map interface, by temporal constraints or using key words or parameter names. Results are displayed on the map; clicking on a flight will show further details and links to the data. Help sheets and a Tutorial video are provided to get you started.


 Data Access

As EUFAR is a EU-funded project, data in the data archive are available to all users registered with the CEDA. This is an online, click-through application:

 Register with the CEDA

All users are required to acknowledge the data providers in any publication based on EUFAR data.
The table below shows the data archived for each EUFAR-related project. The table can be sorted by project name, date or aircraft used.

 For more information see:

The table below shows the data archived for each EUFAR-related project. The table can be filtered by project namedate or aircraft used

For more information see the EUFAR dataset catalogue record at BADC.

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