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Good Practices

The main motivation for this section is to provide expert and non-expert users with a suite of best practices that can be used within all topics of airborne research. The content of these good practices is the compilation of existing tools, protocols, guidelines and standards either developed / described within EUFAR or outside EUFAR. D8.1 as well as a list of existing free toolboxes for data analysis served as important input for this section.

The good practices will be presented in the following sections:

The dissemination of the good practices will be done via the EUFAR webpage and the update of the EUFAR handbook (Annex of “Airborne Measurements of the Environmental Research”). This section is status of January 2016, but will be updated regularly.

In addition to the good practices EUFAR users are provided with a glossary including the definition of terms and a database of research publications dealing with airborne measurements.

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