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Real-time Data Applications

Only few technologies exist among the airborne research community for real-time data transfers. Because real-time data transfer is no widely spread in the European Community, and because there is no clear standard developed for real-time data transfer, this part is intended to evolve as new methods start to emerge.


  • DataTurbine

    DataTurbine is a robust real-time streaming data engine that lets you quickly stream live data from experiments, labs, web cams and even Java enabled cell phones. It acts as a "black box" to which applications and devices send and receive data. Think of it as express delivery for your data, be it numbers, video, sound or text.

    • Extendable: It is a free Open Source project with an extensive well documented API.
    • Scalable: It uses a hierarchical design that allows a network structure that grows with the requirements of your application.
    • Portable: DataTurbine runs on devices ranging from phones & buoys to multicore servers.
    • Dependable: Using a Ring Buffered Network Bus, it provides tunable persistent storage at key network nodes to facilitate reliable data transport.
    • Growing: There is also an active developer and user community that continues to evolve the software and assist in application development.

    A visualization package for real-time and post-deployment of aircraft observations.




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