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Field Campaign / Ground-based measurements




  • Critical Metadata for Spectroscopy Field Campaigns (Rasaiah et al.)

    Remote Sens. 2014, 6(5), 3662-3680; doi:10.3390/rs6053662

  • EnMAP Field Guides:

         → Spectral Sampling with the ASD FIELDSPEC 4

         → Measuring Leaf Area Index (LAI) with the LI-Cor LAI 2200C or LAI-2200 (+ 2200Clear Kit

         → Measuring Leaf Chlorophyll Content with the Konica Minolta SPAD-502Plus

         → Measuring Leaf Chlorophyll Content with the Konica Minolta SPAD-502Plus

         → Campaign Layout & Sampling Strategies


  • ISO 28902-1:2012 Environmental meteorology - Part 1: Ground-based remote sensing of visual range by lidar

    This part of the International Standard ISO 28902 specifies the requirements in order to perform visual range lidar measurements for the determination of direction-dependent meteorological optical range (MOR). Due to physical approximations, the quantitative determination is limited to a meteorological optical range of between 30 m and 2000 m. For this range, the International Standard specifies the performance of visual range lidar systems utilizing the method of range-integrated visual range measurements based on light extinction. Based on the direction-dependent meteorological optical range (MOR) the following parameters can be calculated: horizontal visual range; vertical visual range; slant visual range. In addition, the measurement principle enables the user to retrieve information on cloud base height, boundary layer depth, fog banks, aerosol profiles due to the signal attenuation by water vapour and/or aerosols. Examples for these applications are given. This International Standard can be used for the following application areas: meteorological stations; airports; harbours; waterways; roads and motorways; automotive; oil platforms.

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