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Name Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
Description This EWG deals with Hyperspectral Remote Sensing (HRS) and Imaging Spectroscopy (IS), which both provide detailed spectral information for individual pixels of an image collected during airborne observations. While HRS refers mostly to remote sensing, the IS technology covers wide spatial–spectral domains. IS is an innovative development of the
charge-coupled device (CCD). HRS/IS is a technology that provides spatial and spectral information simultaneously. It enables the identification of targets and other phenomena
as the spectral information is presented on a spatial rather than point (pixel) basis. HRS/IS are tools with many applications, such as geology, ecology, geomorphology, limnology,
pedology, atmospheric science, and forensic science. As such HRS/IS technology is applied by decision makers, farmers, environmental watchers in both the private and government sectors, city planners, stock holders, and others.
Leader BEN DOR Eyal

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Event date Title/Location Contact Creation
Last update
14/12/2016 EUFAR Expert Workshop on Hyperspectral Imaging from UAVs – Applications in Precision Farming
Milan, Italy
REUSEN Ils 19/09/2016 17:05
23/02/2017 12:23
28/09/2016 Expert workshop on "Implementation of Soil Spectroscopy for digital mapping and monitoring of soils: Toward space applications and Technology Transfer Office (TTO) activities"
GFT, Potsdam, Germany
CHABRILLAT Sabine 13/09/2016 18:38
07/10/2016 09:18
20/11/2014 EUFAR2: Expert Workshop on Airborne Laser Scanning (ALS) Software
Technische Universitat Wien (TU Vienna), Austria
EUFAR Office 06/10/2015 15:45
20/09/2016 10:25
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