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Family name RUHTZ
Name Thomas
Nationality Germany
Name Freie Universität Berlin
Department Institute for Space Sciences
Town Berlin
Country Germany
Institution legal status University
Institution description The Institute for Space Sciences of the Freie Universität of Berlin (FUB) has experience in radiative transfer modeling (Fell & Fischer 2001), remote sensing of atmospheric and water properties (e.g. Rathke et al. 2000, 2002, Schüller et al. 2000, 2005) and the development of ground-, air- and spaceborne instrumentation. Major contributions have been performed for the definition and lay-out of MSG's SEVIRI and ENVISAT's MERIS satellite instruments. There is also a deep understanding of the instrumental performance of MERIS (Delward et al. 2006), SEVIRI and MODIS (Albert et al. 2005) due to contributions in the calibration of these satellite instruments (Santer et al. 2006). Among other contributions the institute developed down- and upward looking spectrometers in the spectral range from 380 to 1650 nm, Fourier-spectrometer in the infrared for the Russian space station MIR (Furrer et al. 1994, Rathke et al. 2000), a multi-spectral polarimeter (Ruhtz et al. 2001; Bösche 2006) as well as a dual aureole multi-spectral sun-photometers (Asseng et al., 2004; Zieger et al. 2007). The FUB is operating two research aircraft and a Helicopter-UAS, a single engine CESSNA 207T since 1988, a motor-glider ASK16 since 1989 and together with the Leibniz-Institute IGB (Institut für Gewässer und Binnenfischerei) an Aeroscout B1-100 since 2010. The FUB is certified (LBA.NJA.023) by the LBA (Luftfahrtbundesamt) to design changes to aircraft specifically designed and modified for research or scientific purposes (pursuant Regulation (EC) No 1592/2002, Article 4(2) and Annex II (b), corresponding JAR-21, Subpart E) in accordance with the applicable airworthiness requirements. The group participated at several national and international flight campaigns, such as ELAC (1990), EUCREX (1994), Nordex (1996), ACE II(1997), LACE (1998), Berlioz(1998), Coastlooc (1997-98), BBC I (2001), BBC II(2003), AgriSAR (2006), AERUV (2006), Scout-O3 (2006), EUCAARI/Impact (2008), Vocals-Rex (2008), ANT XXVI/1 (2009), SORPIC (2010), AROMAT (2014), Young-EnMap (2015), AROMAT2 (2015), AROMAPEX (2016), EUFAR-FOAM (2017), COMET (2018), CONNECT (2019).
Contact information
Address Carl-Heinrich-Becker Weg 6-1012165 Berlin, Germany
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