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Software tools

To facilitate airborne research measurements, a number of EUFAR’s activities are dedicated to developing and maintaining a range of toolboxes that serve to assist operators and researchers with the handling of data. From in-situ or remote sensing data collection to data processing, analysis and archiving, these toolboxes are made freely accessible on or via the EUFAR website and are documented in user manuals.

The Standards and Protocols (S&P) activity aims to efficiently integrate data in the EUFAR database and ensure its interoperability with other standards by developing and updating open-source data processing toolboxes. The activity also keeps track of existing open-source toolboxes, which would be relevant for operators and users within EUFAR. For example, the S&P team proposes a set of tools dedicated to the processing of in-situ data (EGADS) and the creation of INSPIRE compliant metadata for in-situ and hyperspectral data (EMC and ASMM). Through the Database activity, data from EUFAR transnational access campaigns are stored and made widely accessible online through a single gateway, with a search tool to facilitate locating specific data (EFF). In addition, data are stored in community compliant data formats with well-documented supporting metadata. Toolboxes are also developed as part of EUFAR’s Education & Training activity with the aim to familiarise and assist early researchers participating in training courses with the different aspects of airborne research for the environment. EUFAR’s Joint Research Activities are dedicated to developing methodologies and tools for the integrated use of airborne hyperspectral imaging and airborne laser scanning data (HYLIGHT and HYSOMA).

Software tools

Tools produced by EUFAR

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Acronym Name Type Status Description Tool website
ASMM Airborne Science Mission Metadata Metadata Ready to use This project intends to develop a tool for creating, modifying and viewing Airborne Science Mission Metadata (ASMM) XML files.
EMC EUFAR Metadata Creator Metadata Ready to use The EUFAR Metadata Creator intends to make a database compatible with INSPIRE initiative by creating a standard set of metadata.
EGADS - CORE EUFAR General Airborne Data-processing Software - CORE Data Processing Ready to use The EUFAR General Airborne Data-processing Software is a toolbox for processing airborne atmospheric data.
EGADS - GUI EUFAR General Airborne Data-processing Software - GUI Data Processing Under development The EGADS GUI is a graphical interface to interact easily with EGADS and other modules without the need of a Python script.
HYLIGHT HYLIGHT Data Processing Ready to use The main objective of the HYLIGHT joint research activity is to improve hyperspectral imaging processing using airborne laser scanning
HYSOMA HYperspectral SOil MApper Data Processing Ready to use The HYSOMA is a software for soil mapping applications of hyperspectral imagery developed by GFZ German Research Center for Geosciences.
PML IOP Model PML Inherent Optical Property Model Data Processing Ready to use The IOP model was provided in EGADS toolbox and is now available as a standalone.
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