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Software tools - EGADS - GUI

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EUFAR General Airborne Data-processing Software - GUI image


EUFAR General Airborne Data-processing Software - GUI
Publisher: EUFAR (Olivier Henry)
Producer: EUFAR
Platform: Windows, Linux
Software / Code: Python 2.7, Python 3.5
Software version: 2018
Status: Under development



EGADS (EUFAR General Airborne Data-processing Software) is a Python-based toolbox for processing airborne atmospheric data. EGADS provides a framework for researchers to apply expert-contributed algorithms to data files, and acts as a platform for data intercomparison. Algorithms in EGADS will be contributed by members of the EUFAR Expert Working Group if they are found to be mature and well-established in the scientific community.

The Graphical User Interface gives to the user the possibility to interact with EGADS easily. Depending on installed modules, it is possible, through the GUI, to visualize data, modify and apply algorithms to data and plot/print data. In the next iterations of EGADS, functions to create algorithms and to process multiple files will be introduced.


Still under development, EGADS GUI is now only compatible with Python 2.7, Linux and Windows.

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