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EUFAR Metadata Creator
Publisher: EUFAR (Olivier Henry)
Producer: EUFAR
Platform: Online, Windows, Linux
Software / Code: Java + GWT, Python 3.5, Stand-alone
Software version: 2016
Status: Ready to use

Software sources:


Metadata are a critical point of each entity which intend to produce dataset. In the EUFAR database, all those metadata will help the producer to store their datasets in good conditions, and the user to search effectively what he is looking for. The goal of the EUFAR Metadata Creator is to produce global metadata dedicated to a particular dataset for Airborne Scientific Campaigns. EUFAR is a European project and have to be compatible with other main European initiatives. This way, xml files generated by EMC are conform to the version 1.3 of the INSPIRE metadata and XML Standard

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