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CNRS "Collective Crystal" awarded to SAFIRE

By BOURDON Aurelien, CANONICI Jean-Christophe

The French national research agency CNRS awarded SAFIRE, one of EUFAR operators, with a "Collective Crystal" medal as a national recognition of the merit and quality of the teamwork, commitment and motivation of the EUFAR staff involved in airborne research for many years to successfully meet the various needs of scientific user communities.

The SAFIRE management team congratulates the staff of the SAFIRE mixed reserach unit and thanks all those who commit for the success of SAFIRE mission in support of airborne research.

To read the congratulation letter from CNRS President Antoine Petit, click here (in French).

Congratulations to SAFIRE from EUFAR!

Orginally published on Aug. 30, 2019, 13:32
Last update on Feb. 6, 2024, 13:34

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Group photo

From left to right: Aurélien Bourdon, Laurent Guiraud, Jean-François Bourdinot, Thierry Perrin, Marie-Hélène Cluzeau, Jean-Christophe Canonici, Tetyana Jiang. Copyright SAFIRE (Frédéric Maligné)

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