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Aircraft operator

OPTIMARE Sensorsysteme AG
Name OPTIMARE Sensorsysteme AG
Acronym Optimare
Country Germany
Contact GARBRECHT Thomas

Main activities

OPTIMARE covers a wide variety of expertise in optics, electronics, mechanics, software development, and analytics through a team of highly qualified scientists, engineers and technicians. At the same time, our focus is directed to all areas of the environment.

At OPTIMARE, the development of optical sensors (originally for the detection of marine oil pollution but also highly useful for scientific examinations) remains an important business line. Presently, many aircraft on the international market are equipped with OPTIMARE technology.


Data processing

The data format of our sensors can be adapted to the need of the customers but the format for main storage are mySQL databases.

We could provide a data converter who fits the data to all scientific data protocols.


We offer training courses for use of our equipment at our facilities but also on site.

Gound infrastructure

OPTIMARE is located at the airport Luneort, Bremerhaven, Germany.

Our facility offers offices for engineers and technicians, laboratories and workshops
for instrument calibration and maintenance. We have access to a hangar which is connected to our main building.

We also provide a seminar room for training sessions, workshops and project meetings.

Our facilities are connected to the internet using a fast 34 Mbit internet connection. This allows us to provide data distribution of large data sets to the aircraft community
using internet or ftp.

Additional services

We offer data acquisition systems (e.g. Polar2, Polar4, D-CODE, Polar5).

During the past years, OPTIMARE was involved in certification work for equipment on different types of aircraft like Dornier-228, Basler BT67, Gulfstream G550, CASA C-295 and CN-235.

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Instruments contact GARBRECHT Thomas
Calibration facilities contact N/A
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