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Instrument: VIS Line Scanner

Name VIS Line Scanner
Acronym VIS-LS
Manufacturer OPTIMARE Sensorsysteme GmbH & Co. KG
Manufacturer website
Operated by Optimare
Operated onboard

Instrument type

Name Imaging Spectrometer
Acronym Imaging Spectrometer

Principle of operation

Measured parameter Radiance Spectra
Operating principle

Measurement(s) Hyperspectral

Dimension and weight

External dimension 390 x 381 x 270 mm
Weight 17.0


Operating mode Remote sensing






as manufactured

Operational restriction

Operator is recommended but not required.

Operational requirements

Power 7A at 28VDC

Certification approvals

Was already flown on German POLAR5 (Basler BT-67) of Alfred Wegener Institute and at the Bellypod of Diamond DA42 MPP.

Additional information

Will cover the whole spectral range (UV, VIS, IR) in combination with the IR/UV LS of Optimare.

Access, host and processing


We will rent or sell the Scanner.

Could also fit on any aircraft having the following characteristics

General description

Title Author Type Related
Project VIS-LS SU Z. bob Technical documentation
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