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Instrument: Airborne Aerosol Reference Pod - Microphysics

Name Airborne Aerosol Reference Pod - Microphysics
Acronym AARP
Manufacturer Enviscope
Operated by UNIMAN
Operated onboard

Instrument type

Name Cloud/Aerosol Microphysics Multi-function Instrument
Acronym Aerosol/Cloud multi-function

Principle of operation

Measured parameter Aerosol and cloud droplet properties
Operating principle

Measurement(s) Aerosol

Dimension and weight

External dimension 2899x390 (lxd mm)
Weight 105.0


Operating mode In situ






Operational restriction

On-board operator not essential, but an experienced operator required for pre-flight set-up.

Operational requirements

28V DC and 110V AC
If suitable cabling is available, then data can be monitored in real time. Data is stored on-board the pod and can be downloaded post-flight.

Certification approvals

Enviscope - certified for LearJet 35A.
Certification for a specific aircraft is the responsibility of the user.

Additional information

The pod has a choice of two isokinetic inlets in tandem with a movable diffuser, allowing the widest range of operational flight speeds. One inlet can be used for slower aircraft up to 140m/s, with the other for speeds in excess of 100m/s.

Access, host and processing


This instrument is available for EUFAR FP7 Transnational Access. Contact Hugh Coe,

Could also fit on any aircraft having the following characteristics

General description

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