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Abbreviations - U



UAS: Unmanned Aerial Systems

UAV: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

UCAR: University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

UEDIN: The University of Edinburgh (UK) - EUFAR Partner

UFT: Ultra Fast Thermometer

UHSAS: Ultrahigh Sensitivity Aerosol Spectrometer

ULEI: University of Leipzig (DE) - EUFAR Partner

UK: United Kingdom

UKMO: United Kingdom Meteorological Office

UK-MRF: United Kingdom Meteorological Research Flight

UNAM: Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

UNIVLEEDS: The University of Leeds (UK) - EUFAR Partner

UPA: Uncertainty Propagation Analysis

US: United States

USAS: Ultrahigh Sensitivity Aerosol Spectrometer

UT/LS: Upper Troposphere/Lower Stratosphere

UTC: Universal Time Coordinated (UTC)

UTM: Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM)

UV: UltraViolet

UWAR: University of Warsaw (PL) - EUFAR Partner

UZH: Universität Zürich (CH) - EUFAR Partner

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