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PAF: Processing and archiving facility

PALMS: Particle Analysis by Laser Mass Spectrometer

PCA: Principle Component Analysis

PCASP: Passive Cavity Aerosol Spectrometer Probe

PC-BOSS: Particle Concentrator-Brigham Young University Organic Sampling System

PDA: Phase Doppler Analyzer

PdA: Photodiode Array

PDI: Phase Doppler Interferometer

PDPA: Phase Doppler Particle Analyzer

PeRCA: Peroxy Radical Chemical Amplification

PFA: Paraformaldehyd

PGP: Prism-Grating-Prism

PH-CPC: Pulse-Height CPC

PILS: Particle-Into-Liquid Sampler

PIP: Precipitation Imaging Probe

PIXE: Particle-Induce X-Ray Emission

PM1: Particulate Matter with Particle Diameter < 1.0 μm

PM2.5: Particulate Matter with Particle Diameter < 2.5 μm

PMI: Programmable Multi-Spectral Imager

PML: Plymouth Marine Laboratory (UK) - EUFAR Partner

PMS: Particle Measuring Systems

PMT: Photomultiplier Tube

PN: Polar Nephelometer

PPS: Pulse Per Second

Pr: Prandtl Number

PRISM: Processes Research for Imaging Spectrometer Mission

PROBA: Project for On--Board Autonomy

PSA: Particle Surface Area

PSAP: Particle Soot Absorption Photometer

PSD: Particle Size Distribution

PSF: Point Spread Function

PSL: Polystyrene Latex Beads

PSM: Particle Size Magnifier

PSR: Polarimetric Scanning Radiometer

PSU: Pennsylvania State University

PTFE: Polytetrafluorethylen

PToF: Particle Time-of-Flight

PTR-MS: Proton Transfer Reaction Mass Spectrometer

PVM: Particle Volume Monitor


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