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Abbreviations - L



LACE: Lindenberg Aerosol Characterization Experiment

LAI: Leaf Area Index

LaMP: Laboratoire de Météorologie Physique

LANDSAT: Land Satellite

LDV: Laser-Doppler Velocimetry

LED: Light Emitting Diode

LIDAR: Light Detection and Ranging

LIF: Laser Induced Fluorescence

LIM: Leipzig Institute for Meteorology

LNA: Low Noise Amplifiers

LO: Local Oscillator

LPAS: Laser-induced Photo-Acoustic Spectrometry

LPM: Liter Per Minute

LSF: Line Spread Function

LTI: Low Turbulence Inlet

LULC: Land Use Land Cover

LUT: Look-Up Table

LWC: Liquid Water Content

LWP: Liquid Water Path

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