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Abbreviations - A



AARP: Airborne Aerosol Research Pod

AATS: NASA Ames Airborne Tracking Sunphotometer

AC: Alternating Current

ACCENT: Atmospheric Composition Change the European NeTwork

ACCENT Plus: Atmospheric Composition Change the European NeTwork plus

ACE: Aerosol Characterization Experiment

ACTOS: Airborne Cloud Turbulence Observation System

ACTRIS: Aerosols, Clouds, and Trace gases Research InfraStructure

ADC: Analogue Digital Converter

a.g.l.: above ground level

AHS: Airborne Hyperspectral Sensor (imaging spectrometer)

AIDA: Aerosol Interaction And Dynamics In The Atmosphere

AIMMS: Aircraft-Integrated Meteorological Measurement System

AIRFLEX: Airborne photometer

AIRTOSS: AIRcraft TOwed Sensor Shuttle

AIS: Airborne Imaging Spectrometer

AISA: Airborne Imaging Spectrometer for Applications (imaging spectrometer)

ALIDS: Airborne Laser Interferometric Drop Sizer

AMAX-DOAS: Airborne Multi Axis Differential

AMMA: African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis

AMS: Aerosol Mass Spectrometer

AMSU: Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit

AOD: Aerosol Optical Depth

AOS: Acousto Optical Spectrometer

APD: Avalanche Photodiode

APEX: Airborne Prism Experiment (imaging spectrometer)

APM: Aerodynamic Particle Mass Analyzer

APS: Aerodynamic Particle Sizer

ARM: Atmospheric Radiation Measurements

ASD: Analytical Spectral Devices

a.s.l.: above sea level

ASI: Airborne Spectral Imager

ASMM: Airborne Science Mission Metadata creator

ASSP: Axially Scattering Spectrometer Probe

ASASP: Active Scattering Aerosol Spectrometer Probe

ASTAR: Arctic Study of Tropospheric Aerosol, Clouds and Radiation

ATBD: Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document

ATCOR: Atmospheric and Topographic Correction

ATDD: Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Division

ATM: ATM Airborne Thematic Mapper

AU: Astronomical Unit

AUX: Auxiliary Data

AVIRIS: Airborne Visible Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (imaging spectrometer)

AWI: Alfred Wegener Institute für Polar und Meeresforschung (DE) - EUFAR Partner

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