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AMS Meteorological Monographs - Ice Formation and Evolution in Clouds and Precipitation: Measurement and Modeling Challenges

By DIARRA Lilian

AMS Meteorological Monographs are thematic collections of peer-reviewed, original papers, survey articles, and other materials in meteorology and closely related fields that do not otherwise appear in AMS Journals: Ice Formation and Evolution in Clouds and Precipitation: Measurement and Modeling Challenges.


The AMS Meteorological Monographs series consists of collections of review papers on topics where rapid developments are currently being made, as well as collections of papers summarizing state-of-the-art knowledge (e.g., from recent special topical meetings).  Appropriate material for monographs include collections of review articles (such as those based on special topics meetings) and tribute volumes. 

Beginning in 2015, AMS Meteorological Monographs will be published online, and to increase the impact of monographs, all papers published in a monograph collection will be open access. AMS Meteorological Monographs will be using the continuous publication mode; this means each chapter in a volume will be released online as soon as it is accepted and laid out for publication. This will ensure that material from monographs becomes available in a timely manner, increasing the exposure and impact of individual articles. Hard copies of articles and of the entire volume (when completed) will also be available for purchase via a print on demand option. 

Information on Monographs available in the series is detailed on the Meteorological Monographs Series web page, and volumes issued before 2015 are available for purchase at the AMS online bookstore.

Those interested in organizing a new Monograph please see Organizing a Monograph.

Those submitting an article (chapter) to a Monograph please see the information page for Monograph Authors.

Greg M. McFarquhar (Chief Editor, Meteorological Monographs) and Robert M. Rauber (Publications Commissioner) published an editorial in all AMS journals in January/February of 2016 detailing the new process for AMS Monographs and explaining the differences between monographs and Special Collections.


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