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Aircraft: Partenavia - Enviscope

Partenavia - Enviscope
Aircraft acronym Partenavia - Enviscope Registration number D-GERY
Operator Enviscope GmbH Transnational Access status Open to TA
Manufacturer Partenavia / Vulcanair, P-68B Engine category Propeller
Aircraft type Research Categories Troposphere


  • Length: 9.55 m
  • Height: 3.4 m
  • Wingspan: 12.0 m
Airplane dimensions 9.55 m 3.4 m 12.0 m

Flying performances

Min speed 32 m/s
Max speed 96 m/s
Usual speed during measurements 50 m/s
Usual speed during transit flights 77 m/s
Ascent rate 5 m/s
Min altitude
  • Above sea: 492 ft
  • Above ground: 492 ft
Max ceiling 12 000 ft
Usual ceiling during measurements 10 000 ft
Ceiling limitations


Empty weight 1 409 kg
Max take-off weight 1 990 kg
Max payload 400 kg
Max scientific payload n/c
Usual scientific payload during measurements 300 kg
Scientific payload for max endurance n/c

Max endurance at min scientific payload and max fuel 6 h (Y-coordinate of 1st point)
Endurance at max scientific payload 2 h (Y-coordinate of 2nd point)

Max range 1 200 km (at min scientific payload and max fuel)
Conditions for max range

Clean configuration, ISA, 45 min res.

Range at max scientific payload None km
Usual range during measurement flight 1 000 km

Weather conditions limitations

IFR, VFR, approved for flight into known light icing conditions

Take-off runway length 305 m

2 x Avco Lycoming IO 360A1B6


VFR and IFR equipped

Crew and scientists on board

Crew (pilots + operators)


Seats available for scientists

2 - 4


Length 2.62 m
Width 1.14 m
Height 0.97 m

main door: W0.64 m x H0.99 m ; cargo door: W0.80 m x H0.80 m

Cabin pressurized


More information


Aircraft modifications

Nose boom



co-pilot window replacement with inlet system ; 1 window replacement: W0.36 m x H0.48 m


Roof platform with mounting provisions/openings: W0.34 m x L0.76 m ; 1 Photohatch: D0.36 m ; Several openings for antennas and sensors (up and down)

Hard points

1 pylon under each wing, load capacity 30 kg per pylon


1 isokinetic "Aerosol inlet"
2 Chemical inlet lines with droplet seperator
1 "Multichannel" Inlet
2 "Universial Inlets" with backward-forward openings
1 "CVI Inlet" in co-operation with IfT
numerous "Aerosol straight-lined inlets" for underwing container

Additionnal systems

Additional systemes:
Digital camera systems
Vacuum system for scientific equipment
Basic meteorological equipment
Several types of cloudwater collectors
2 Underwing container, length: 136 cm, 19 cm diameter, load capacity for scientific equipment: 26 kg, mounting provisions inside
Photogrammetric equipment (cameras, navigation systems, ground infrastructure)

Acquisition systems

Data aquisition for internal and user data, several serial ports, provisions for time synchronisation, software with on-line grafic, quick look processing, online processing of physical data, data storage systems.

Electrical power

Aircraft total electrical power (kW)

2 x 28 VDC, 70 Amp

Electrical power (kW) and voltages (V) available for scientists

1,4 kW in total, up to 1 kW in 220 VAC

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