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GEO Work Programme Symposium

The Group on Earth Observations (GEO) Work Programme Symposium will take place in Geneva from 2 to 4 May 2016.
The objective of this first Work Programme Symposium is to actively engage the GEO Community in the implementation of the new GEO Strategic Plan 2016-2015: Implementing GEOSS (GEO 2016-2025 SP).

 The Symposium will, therefore:

  • Reflect on the GEO 2016-2025 SP, on its targets, and on activities that GEO should put in place;
  • Ensure a common understanding of the new arrangements defined by the Strategic Plan (Programme Board, Monitoring and Evaluation, Implementation Mechanisms, role of the Secretariat, etc.);
  • Ensure a common understanding of how GEO works, what are the links among different activities (GEOSS development and operations, users’ needs, knowledge base development, etc.) and how the Community should plan its involvement;
  • Strengthen the participation of users in GEO activities;
  • Strengthen the involvement of current stakeholders and involve new ones identified in the GEO 2016-2025 SP;
  • Review the approach for GEOSS development (requirements, functional performances, architecture) and provide clear inputs for its further implementation;
  • Discuss the content of the GEO Work Programme 2017-2019 and provide clear inputs (technical and programmatic) for its further development;
  • Provide an opportunity to explore and consolidate GEO activities at the Global and/or Regional level;
  • Explore opportunities with the private sector;
  • Foster regional (caucus) interactions and discuss opportunities to strengthen GEO action at the regional level; and
  • Explore opportunities for new global/regional initiatives.

 The GEO Secretariat is also inviting your opinions on their proposals for the structuring of the event – comments/suggestions on the objectives  and on the sessions to be held.  Please note the deadline of 25th January which is the same deadline as for the comments requested by the GEOSEC on the 2016 Transitional Work programme (

Event date: May 2, 2016
Originally published on Jan. 15, 2016
Last update on Sept. 13, 2016

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