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EUFAR/OPTIMISE SWAMP Training Course July 2015

The training course on "Spectrometry of a Wetland And Modelling of Photosynthesis with Hyperspectral Airborne Reflectance and Fluorescence” SWAMP hosted by the Poznan University of Life Sciences (PULS) was held from the 6th to the 16th of July 2015 in Obrzycko- Rzecin (POLWET), Poland. The SWAMP training course was co-funded and co-organised by FP7 EUFAR, COST ACTION ES1309 OPTIMISE and ESA.

20 early-stage researchers (PhD students and post-docs), including university lecturers from 12 different European member states and associated states (selected from 47 applications), funded by EUFAR and OPTIMISE, participated in the SWAMP training course.

The main aim of the SWAMP training course was to teach early-stage researchers and university lecturers how to plan and conduct an airborne research and (near-) ground validation campaign and how to use the collected data.

The 11-day training course included:

  • lectures on field measurements, UAV measurements, airborne measurements with APEX, Sentinel-2 and FLEX satellite missions, data processing and modelling, …
  • demonstration of field equipment and UAVs,
  • tutorials on APEX processing, ARTMO, SPECCHIO, SCOPE, pktools, …,
  • field measurements, UAV and airborne (HYPLANT in CzechGlobe aircraft on 11th July - funded by ESA and APEX in DLR DO228 on 15th July - funded by EUFAR)
  • data acquisition
  • student activities in 5 scientific working groups guided by 5 scientific working group supervisors
    scientific working group presentations.

We acknowledge Dr. Radosław Juszczak and the whole team of the Poznan University of Life Sciences (PULS) for hosting the SWAMP training course and COST ACTION ES1309 OPTIMISE and ESA for co-funding and co-organising the SWAMP training course together with EUFAR. A big thank you to all SWAMP trainers, scientific working group supervisors and trainees for their enthusiastic participation!

To have access to the presentations and more information, click here.


Event date: July 6, 2015
Originally published on Oct. 2, 2015
Last update on Sept. 13, 2016

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