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Family name MERLAUD
Name Alexis
Nationality France
Name Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy(bira-iasb)
Department chemisty and physics of atmosphere
Institution legal status
Institution description Federal public Institute in Belgium, BIRA aims to study physical and chemical properties of the atmosphere. This is a very exciting activity especially today due to the envronmental problems which starts to be admitted by the public and the decisions makers. There is approximately 150 people working at BIRA, in many different areas. Some are doing modelling, other develop new instruments or work on satellites data so as to increase the understanding of the atmosphere for the benefit of society. There is also work done on magnetosphere for a space weather that is useful for telecommunications for instance, and the atmosphere of other planets (Venus, Mars) is also studied.
Contact information
Address Alexis Merlaud BIRA-IASB Ring Laan 3 1180 Uccle Belgium
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