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Family name SILVA
Name Ana maria
Nationality Portugal
Name University of Evora
Department Evora Geophysics Centre
Institution legal status
Institution description The Geophysics Centre of Evora, with almost 10 years of existence, has methodically and persistently acquired increasing expertise in the fields of Seismology, Applied Geophysics, Geology, Atmospheric Physics and Satellite Remote Sensing, Climate Dynamics, Scenarios and Impacts of Climate Change through a firm strategy of capacity building in highly qualified scientific human resources. Besides research activities, adavnced training capacities and cooperation with other institutions, promotion of scientific awareness and providing technical advice are currently undertaken by this Research Unit.
Contact information
Address Evora Geophysics Centre University of Evora Colegio Luis Verney Rua Romo Ramalho, 59 7000 Evora Portugal
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