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Family name PETZOLD
Name Andreas
Name German Aerospace Center
Department Institute fo Atmospheric Physics
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Institution description DLR is the largest research establishment for engineering sciences in the Federal Republic of Germany. DLR comprises 25 institutes in the fields of air and space research and operations, energy technology, traffic research, and atmospheric research and runs large facilities like research aircraft, satellite data receiving stations and data centres, radars, or wind tunnels. The institute of Atmospheric Physics is responsible for all aspects of the interactions between the atmosphere and the Earth system as a whole, between atmosphere and traffic (aviation and ground based traffic) and for remote sensing of atmospheric parameters, in particular for the aspects of environment, climate and meteorology. The institute covers the full width of atmospheric research dealing with the physics and aspects of chemistry of the whole troposphere and stratosphere. It has a strong and long-standing competence in developing and using complex numerical models, instrumented aircraft for in situ measurement of gaseous and particulate atmospheric constituents, satellites, lidar and radar.
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Address Institute of Atmospheric Physics German Aerospace Center (DLR) Oberpfaffenhofen 82234 Wessling Germany
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