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Family name COREN
Name Franco
Nationality Italy
Name Istututo Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale - OGS
Department Geophysics of Lithosphere
Institution legal status
Institution description OGS (formerly Osservatorio Geofisico Sperimentale) is now “National Institute for Oceanography and Applied Geophysics”. OGS is a research institute financed by the Italian Ministry of Universities and Research currently employing 130 permanent staff and about 45 fixed-term contractors. Founded in 1958, OGS is active in pure and applied research; acquisition of geophysical data on land and at sea, and the related processing and interpretation, marine and terrestrial environmental research; development of advanced software; geophysical services for oil and gas companies; publishing of geophysical journals. OGS has been involved in several projects for the European Community. A significant share of its activities is funded by national and international industries. OGS performs studies and researches related to: • location and evaluation of mineral and energy resources, both on land and at sea; • marine environment, by focusing particularly on its interaction with the atmosphere and the lithosphere; • seismic, volcanic, mining, geologic, and hydrologic risks (with the aims of prevention, civil protection, and optimisation of land use); • development of new or improved techniques for geophysical data acquisition, processing, management and interpretation. OGS has gained a solid base of experience in services to the energy industry, and its recent new organisation as a national institute has given a strong impulse to applied research, while maintaining: • a powerful organizational ability for large infrastructures, such as seismic crews, regional seismological networks and the R/V OGS-Explora (the only geophysical research vessel owned by an Italian research institute, and able to operate world-wide)and a research aircraft fully equipped for terrain mapping;
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Address Borgo Grotta Gigante 42/c
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