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Family name KNAEPS
Name Els
Nationality Belgium
Department TAP
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Institution description VITO (Flemish institute for technological research) was founded by the Flemish Government in 1991. It is now a leading independent European research and consulting centre for the development of sustainable technologies in the area of energy, environment, materials and remote sensing. VITO provides intelligent and qualitative solutions that increase the competitive advantage of large and small companies. It’s objective research, studies and advices enable industry and government to establish future policy. VITO’s research finds its application in (a.o.) new, efficient and cheaper production technologies, reduced energy consumption, biomaterials, healthcare, care for the environment etc., as well as in mapping and monitoring and modelling the effects of climate change. VITO counts approximately 550 highly qualified employees from diverse specialisations and co-operates with sector federations and their research centres, universities, colleges and European research institutes, ... In 2008 the VITO budget is 78 million euro of which the contribution by contract research is estimated at 42,3 million euro. VITO’s research centre is located in Mol, Belgium, with satellite offices in Berchem and Ostend. Remote sensing activities at VITO started in the early nineties and for the last 10 years can be allocated to three main research fields: (i) space borne low resolution image processing for global vegetation monitoring, (ii) application development based upon low, medium and high resolution airborne and space borne images, (iii) the development of new remote sensing systems, platforms and instruments.
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