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Software tools - HiiHAT

Data Processing / Hyperspectral Imagery

HiiHAT image


Publisher: Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA)
Producer: Other
Platform: Platform Indenpendant
Software / Code: IDL/ENVI
Requirements: ENVI+IDL 4.3+
Software version: 2013
Status: Ready to use


The Hyperspectral Image Interpretation and Holistic Analysis Tools (HiiHAT) is an intelligent assistant to help analysts efficiently browse, summarize, and search hyperspectral images. The software is available as a plugin to the IDL/ENVI environment. The algorithms we have developed are designed for the special challenges of planetary science datasets:

  • High noise levels Many of the most interesting planetary science questions involve spectral features at the limits of detectability. We emphasize robust strategies capable of detecting subtle spectral features with high levels of noise.
  • Uncertain constituents Unlike terrestrial remote sensing, we have very few if any samples from the surface. We address this with "unsupervised" analysis that looks for patterns in the observed data itself.
  • Fast turnaround time Tactical observation planning may require fast decisions, favoring automation where appropriate.

The software toolkit includes automatic procedures to search images for key features and draft analyses for operators. More in-depth studies can benefit from interactive analysis procedures.


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