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Transnational and Open Access

Transnational Access

Within EUFAR, Transnational Access (TA) is offered to 17 instrumented aircraft ranging from a low- and slow-flying small single-engine aircraft (ENDURO) to a 4-engine jet aircraft that is capable of carrying several tons of instrumentation payload (BAe146). In addition, 3 specialist instruments (VITO-APEX, DLR-HIS and DLR-SAR) are separately available through TA. The funding offered to successful applicants provides an allocation of flight hours on the selected aircraft. It also provides a small amount of Travel and Subsistence (T&S) funding to enable Principal Investigators and other user-group members to participate in the planning and execution of the field campaign. This T&S funding is typically at the level of about €2500 for each approved project. Following the flight campaign, they are provided with calibrated and quality-controlled data by the aircraft operator.

TA funds do NOT cover any of the costs associated with the installation of additional instrumentation on the chosen aircraft platform. If there is a potential requirement for this, applicants should contact a representative of their selected aircraft operator as soon as possible. This will enable an early assessment of the feasibility of the installation and establish the level of additional funding that will be required beyond that available from EUFAR.

Open Access

In order to continue to provide researchers with a method of access to research aircraft, EUFAR is currently developing a new process that is referred to as Open Access (OA). In this, funding for the flight hours is provided by the aircraft operators themselves (or their funding partners). Access to the aircraft is granted in exchange for resources provided in-kind by a separate country or agency. These resources may take a number of forms. One possibility is the provision of instrument scientists and engineers to work at the flight facility of one of the current EUFAR aircraft operators. Another alternative may be the development of a new instrument that may be a key to achieving the aims of scientists from the aircraft operator’s normal user base. A number of aircraft operators and funding bodies within the EUFAR network have already signed a Memorandum of Understanding to implement this scheme and it is planned to implement it fully over the next 2 years (2014-2015).

Any potential users who wish to obtain flight time on one of their aircraft are encouraged to discuss their requirements with the TA Coordinator (Phil Brown). They may also wish to submit an Expression of Interest as described above. We will discuss their requirements with them and explore the ways in which it may be possible to encourage their national funding agencies to provide support for it through the Open Access process.

To apply for Transnational Access

To apply for Transnational Access in response to a currently-open Call for Proposals, join a group currently building a Transnational Access project or  to submit an Expression of Interest, please use the appropriate TAB below. 

Expressions of Interest

Submiting an Expression of Interest in TA

In order to provide the maximum assistance to applicants, EUFAR welcomes an initial approach in the form of an Expression of Interest in TA. The information will be circulated in confidence to EUFAR aircraft operators and other EUFAR expert scientists as appropriate. They will be invited to provide feedback to the applicant on scientific and technical aspects of the proposed work and on the opportunities to cluster it with other existing or proposed flight activities. The latter may allow the research group to be extended with students or scientists from countries that have no other access to research aircraft.

To submit an Expression of Interest, please click on the button below. 

Expression of Interest form

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