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Education and Training

The activity on Education and Training aims at promoting airborne research in the European academic community by training (theoretically and practically) early-stage researchers and university lecturers in airborne atmospheric research and airborne remote sensing of the Earth surface. The specific objective is to attract young and talented scientists and develop their interest in airborne research, hence increasing and improving the use of the European Infrastructures. The activity on Education and Training also aims to exchange knowledge and know-how between aircraft and instrument operators.

EUFAR offers four training opportunities:

  • Training Courses on airborne research. (ET-TC)
  • Join an Existing Campaign. (ET-EC)
  • Participation in the design of a new field campaign, in the frame of Transnational Access. Tutoring by experienced scientists. (ET-TA)
  • Visit to aircraft/instrument Operators for exchange of knowledge and know-how. (ET-VO)

EUFAR provides 100% support for:

  • Training
  • Flight costs of research aircraft and instruments
  • Travel and Subsistence (T&S) expenses



EUFAR gives the opportunity for early-stage researchers and university lecturers to join an existing research campaign and work with other researchers and the aircraft operator. The list of research campaigns open to students is available in the planning of the EUFAR fleet. The access offered includes general training by the hosting aircraft operator (on instruments, organisation of the campaign, data analysis, etc). To be eligible, applicants must work/study in an institution established in a European Member State or Associated State and in a country other than the legal entity(ies) operating the selected aircraft. The selection of the applications is performed by the EUFAR Education and Training evaluation committee. After the campaign, the participants will be requested to write a report.


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