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Aircraft operator

DLR Optical Airborne Remote Sensing
Name DLR Optical Airborne Remote Sensing
Acronym OpAiRS
Country Germany
Contact KOEHLER Claas

Main activities

The entity Optical Airborne Remote Sensing & Calibration Homebase (OpAiRS) is part of the DLR Earth Observation Center located in Oberpfaffenhofen. It operates the calibration laboratory CHB for hyperspectral line scanners and the hyperspectral sensor system HySpex.


Data processing

Data Processing is performed by the CATENA chain developed and maintained by the the EOC. It produces a variety of different products depending on user requirements. Possible data products are at-sensor radiance, or ortho-rectified and atmospheric correct


yes, upon request

Gound infrastructure

Laboratories for optical measurements, offices, meeting rooms

Additional services N/A
Aircraft contact N/A
Instruments contact KOEHLER Claas
Calibration facilities contact KOEHLER Claas
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