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Aircraft operator

Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis
Name Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis
Acronym CNR-IMAA
Country Italy
Contact PIGNATTI Stefano

Main activities

TASI-600 hyperspectral data are acquired and processed to:
- Develop agreed standards for pre-processing of airborne thermal infrared data and to identify weak links in current processing chains;
- Improve algorithms for removal of sensor–related data artefacts and noise;
- A better understanding on atmospheric effects on thermal data and thus for a better correction
- Improve accuracy in temperature-emissivity-separation (TES)
- Build up a database of multi- and hyperspectral data sets from different sensors available in TA and from industry partners representing specific environmental conditions.

Main products obtainable from processed TASI-600 imagery are:
- Map of Sea discharges;
- Map of surface brightness temperature (soil and sea);
- Map of thermal anomalies for detecting unloading and leaches;
- Map of soil apparent thermal inertia for buried structures detection in the first 50cm of bare soil (VIS simultaneous data required);
- Map of urban heat islands;
- Map of apparent emissivity;
- Map of water content in bare soil;
- Detection of surface and buried mines in the first 30cm of bare soil;
- Detection of oil pipelines and identification of oil leaks;
- Map of the main mineralogical components in the bare soil surface;
- Map of the asphalt paving status of the main roads and highways;
- Map of the deterioration status of asbestos cement roofs;
- Map of geothermal anomalies (geothermal fields and buried lava rivers).


Data processing

The TASI-600 system is composed by the Scan Head
Unit (SHU) provided with a custom Stirling Cycle
cooled MCT detector (HgCdTe) and the Instrument
Control Unit (ICU) and also of licensed pre
processing software to radiometrically correct



Gound infrastructure

The CNR-IMAA airborne and satellite Remote Sensing
Lab is equipped with advanced research
infrastructures, among which a system for the
direct acquisition and the on line storage of
satellite data in polar and geostationary orbit
for the observation of the Earth (e.g. NOAA, EOS,
METOP, NPP, MSG, VIIRS), a payload of
hyperspectral optical sensors (operating in the
VNIR-LWIR spectral range) for aerial platforms,
and a suite of ground-based instruments (e.g.
FieldSpec, F-TIR spectrometer, MIR/TIR
Thermocameras) for remote sensing data
calibration/validation campaigns. In addition, the
Laboratory is provided with software packages for
remote sensing data processing and display (ENVI-

Additional services

Thermal Atmospheric Correction of the TASI radiance
data and application of commonly used algorithms for
temperature-emissivity separation.

Aircraft contact PIGNATTI Stefano
Instruments contact PIGNATTI Stefano
Calibration facilities contact PIGNATTI Stefano
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