European Facility For Airborne Research

European Facility For Airborne Research May 24, 2024, 02:53

Aircraft operator

Municipia, SA
Name Municipia, SA
Country Portugal
Contact LUIZ Carlos

Main activities

Aerial Surveys with Digital Aerial Camera or LIDAR, using a 2 hole transformated Cessna 402, prepared for other sensors.
Cartography, Orthophtos and GIS


Data processing

RGB+IV Vertical Imagery; INS/GPS data; NDVI
calculation; Digital Terrain Models; Surface Terrain
Models; Orthophotos; Flood Maps; Risk Maps; GIS


Opensource GIS training

Gound infrastructure

500m2 Office

Additional services

Ground Topographical Surveys with Lasers, video
cameras and mobile

Aircraft contact LUIZ Carlos
Instruments contact LUIZ Carlos
Calibration facilities contact N/A
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