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European Facility For Airborne Research July 19, 2024, 23:37

Aircraft operator

Aventech Research Inc.
Name Aventech Research Inc.
Acronym ARI
Country Canada
Contact FOSTER Stephen

Main activities

Sales of AIMMS-20 modular systems to measure GPS attitude, six d.o.f. inertial rates, 3-D air-motion data, temperature, humidity with data reduced in real-time using a Kalman filter implemented on a DSP module.

Technical support to aid in planning and analysis of flight data to calibrate air-motion systems


Data processing

Data, reduced in real-time by a Kalman filter, can be recorded internally or transmitted in real-time via RS-232 serial connection to host computer system. AIMMS-20 output: aircraft attitude, aircraft inertial velocity, temperature, humidity, 3-D wind ve

Training N/A
Gound infrastructure N/A
Additional services

Sales, service, technical support for airborne wind data acquisition.

Aircraft contact N/A
Instruments contact N/A
Calibration facilities contact N/A
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