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Instrument: ISAFoM MS 4100

Name ISAFoM MS 4100
Acronym MS4100
Manufacturer Duncantech
Operated by CNR-ISAFoM
Operated onboard

Instrument type

Name Imaging Spectrometer
Acronym Imaging Spectrometer

Principle of operation

Measured parameter Radiance Spectra
Operating principle

Measurement(s) Hyperspectral

Dimension and weight

External dimension 0.1x0.1x0.2m
Weight 1.0


Operating mode Remote sensing






Operational restriction

Operational requirements

- 0 - 50°C
- 12 VDC
- 15 Watts

Certification approvals

Additional information

- Pixel Size: 7.4x7.4micron
- Pixel clock rate: 25MHz
- Sensing Area: 14.2x8mm
-Spectral response: 400 - 1000nm
- Image output: Digital Image Output, CameraLink, EIA-644 (LVDS) or RS-422:
8 bits x 4 taps or 10 bits x 3 taps
- Signal/Noise 60dB
- Lens Mount Nikon Bayonet Mount
- Gain Selection Range: 0 - 36dB. Controlled via RS
-External Trigger: Input Edge or level, three modes: External Trigger Source BNC or Frame Grabber (Optical isolator on BNC)
- Exposure Control: Manual or Automatic
- White Balance: Manual or Semi
- Noise Reduction: Correlated Double Sampling
- Usability Features: Digital cross hairs, Color
- Programmable Functions: Gain, exposure time, multiplexing, trigger, modes, custom processing
- DirectView Output: Progressive Scan RGB (1280x1024 max display resolution). Gamma correction.
- 2x and 4x digital zoom

Access, host and processing


may be rented

Could also fit on any aircraft having the following characteristics

General description

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