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Instrument: L1 / L2 GPS-Antennae (5x), NovAtel OEM3

Name L1 / L2 GPS-Antennae (5x), NovAtel OEM3
Acronym GPS antennae
Manufacturer NovAtel
Manufacturer website
Operated by TUBs
Operated onboard

Instrument type

Name Global Positioning System
Acronym GPS

Principle of operation

Measured parameter Aircraft position, velocity and attitude
Operating principle

Measures distance from at least 4 satellites to calculate aircraft position. Can then be used to calculate aircraft velocities.

Measurement(s) Aircraft Information

Dimension and weight

External dimension 210 x 111 x 47 mm
Weight 0.98


Operating mode In situ






Operational restriction

Operational requirements

10 to 36 V DC

Certification approvals

Additional information

1x Left wing tip
1x Right wing tip
2x Front (on top of fuselage near centre of gravity)
1x Aft (on top of fuselage)
mounting of additional antennae is possible

Access, host and processing


Could also fit on any aircraft having the following characteristics

General description

Title Author Type Related
GPS Antennae Position KUNTZ Chloé Technical documentation
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