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Title Imaging spectrometry of productive inland waters. Application to the lakes of Mantua
Type Publication

In this study remote sensing techniques have been used for small scale analysis of water temperature, chlorophyll a (chl-a) and total suspended solids (TSS) in three shallow eutrophic lakes (Mantua Lakes, Italy), characterised by variable depths, complex hydrodinamics and elevated primary production of both microalgae and floating leaved macrophytes. Airborne hyperspectral data, acquired in summer 2007, were combined with semi-empirical modelling and provided acceptable estimation of chl-a (error 18%) and TSS concentrations (error 24%). The image-derived maps, complemented with the thermal image (error 3%), confirm the hypereutrophic-dystrophic conditions of Mantua Lakes and show the patchy spatial distribution of analysed parameters.

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D. Longhi, M. Bartoli, M. Vascellari
Journal European Journal of Remote Sensing
Volume 41
Pages 147-156
Year 2009
Times cited None
Institute country Italy
Type of science
  • Hydrology (includes water quality, fresh water and inland water)
  • Pollution (includes air, sea and soil)
Field of science
  • Biosphere
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