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Title Doline Morphometric Analysis and Karst Morphology of Biokovo Mt (Croatia) Based on Field Observations and Digital Terrain Analysis
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Biokovo Mt is part of the Outer Dinarides, in a coastal position with a NW-SE main tectonic orientation. The highest peak called Sveti [Sv.] Jure (1762 m) towers above a karst plateau of 1300-1400 m mean elevation. Both of the long margins of Biokovo are characterized by steep and high relief energy rockwalls formed along tectonic fault lines. The plateau is intensely karstified with diverse karren forms, large dolines and several shaft caves. Its unique karstmorphological features are the relatively deep dolines with steep walls, so the landscape is characterized mainly by the sharp interdoline ridges and
pyramidal peaks instead of negative doline forms. Based on the previous observation, the Biokovo plateau can be considered a „polygonal karst”.
The geomorphological map of a study area from this plateau has been elaborated, based on field observations and topographical maps. After digitizing the contour lines, we have created the digital elevation model (DEM) of the study area and carried out sophisticated
doline-morphometrical analysis using the DEM. The most important and unique feature of the landscape, the polygonal structure, has been derived from the DEM using GIS hydrologic modelling tools.

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H. Dragušica, B. Nagy
Journal Croatian Geographical Bulletin
Volume 71
Year 2009
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Institute country Croatia
Type of science
  • Geology (includes soils)
Field of science
  • Continental surface
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