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Aircraft: Egrett - Grob

Egrett - Grob
Aircraft acronym Egrett - Grob Registration number D-FHHH
Operator Grob Aircraft Transnational Access status Closed to TA
Manufacturer Grob Aircraft, G520T Egrett Engine category Turbo propeller
Aircraft type Research Categories


  • Length: 13.67 m
  • Height: 5.66 m
  • Wingspan: 33.0 m
Airplane dimensions 13.67 m 5.66 m 33.0 m

Flying performances

Min speed 46 m/s
Max speed 122 m/s
Usual speed during measurements 100 m/s
Usual speed during transit flights 122 m/s
Ascent rate 7 m/s
Min altitude
  • Above sea: 230 ft
  • Above ground: 230 ft
Max ceiling 50 000 ft
Usual ceiling during measurements 49 000 ft
Ceiling limitations


Empty weight 3 697 kg
Max take-off weight 4 700 kg
Max payload 1 003 kg
Max scientific payload 600 kg (X-coordinate of 2nd point)
Usual scientific payload during measurements 400 kg
Scientific payload for max endurance n/c

Max endurance at min scientific payload and max fuel 9 h (Y-coordinate of 1st point)
Endurance at max scientific payload 4 h (Y-coordinate of 2nd point)

Max range 3 000 km (at min scientific payload and max fuel)
Conditions for max range

at FL350, no scientific payload

Range at max scientific payload None km
Usual range during measurement flight 2 000 km

Weather conditions limitations

IFR, VFR, no flight into known icing conditions when external stores installed

Take-off runway length 700 m

1 x Honeywell TFE-331-14



Crew and scientists on board

Crew (pilots + operators)

1 - 2

Seats available for scientists



Length n/a m
Width n/a m
Height n/a m


Cabin pressurized


More information

small 19" instrumentation rack behind rear seat

Aircraft modifications

Nose boom

no, but turbulence probes under wings available


depending on payload bay - maximum currently approximately W0.5 m x L0.5 m, but can be longer;
facing down or sideways


depending on payload bay - maximum currently approximately W0.5 m x L0.5 m, but can be longer;
facing down or sideways

Hard points

1 hardpoint under both wings (up to 60kg each)


several available

Additionnal systems

Fuselage Bay (U-Bay) - up to 250kg payload;
two Bays available, but only one can be flown at a time

Acquisition systems

ARA PC-based data system for analogue and digital inputs, real-time display, watch dog timers, large data screen in rear cockpit for mission specialist/scientist

Electrical power

Aircraft total electrical power (kW)


Electrical power (kW) and voltages (V) available for scientists

115 VAC 400 Hz 5 kW max, plus 28 VDC 100 Amp, 28 VDC 200 Amp

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