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Atmospheric temperature measurement from research and operational aircraft: an online workshop

EUFAR is hosting an online workshop to examine the status of atmospheric temperature measurements from both research and operational aircraft.

The atmospheric temperature is a key state parameter for both research and operational meteorological purposes. Measurements of temperature underpin the majority of research studies of atmospheric physical and chemical processes including large- and small-scale dynamics, cloud, precipitation and aerosol processes and radiative transfer. The provision of unbiased temperature measurements within liquid-phase clouds remains a challenge, especially where the clouds are supercooled. In the operational meteorological sphere, systems such as AMDAR and MODE-S have provided increasingly large numbers of observations that are assimilated into Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) models. Indeed, the importance of these observations has recently been demonstrated by the rapid decline in their availability as airline fleets have been grounded during the Covid-19 pandemic which has had a measurable impact on NWP model performance. Removal of biases in these data would impact on their usability for long-term climate-monitoring purposes.

Nevertheless, temperature measurements from aircraft moving at speeds of 100 ms-1 or more remain subject to significant constraints that are due to the types of sensors in use, the impacts of their protective housings and kinetic energy of the airstream that impinges on them. All measurements are subject to a range of corrections that must be applied iteratively to account for these factors.

This online workshop seeks to bring together interested scientists from both the research and operational observations communities so as to:

  • Survey current developments in airborne temperature sensors
  • Compare data processing algorithms that are used across the research and operational communities
  • Identify and quantify errors and biases in measurements and how these may be minimized
  • Make recommendations on best practices in airborne temperature measurement

The workshop will be held on 11 and 12 November 2020 using an online platform to be announced in due course. For further information, please contact Phil Brown or Francesco Cairo

Event date: Nov. 11, 2020
Originally published on Sept. 17, 2020
Last update on Jan. 7, 2021

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