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Family name BRUNIQUEL
Name Veronique
Nationality France
Town Sophia Antipolis
Country France
Institution legal status
Institution description ACRI-ST is a 100% subsidiary of the ACRI group created in 1989. ACRI-ST intervenes in the fields of: - Earth Observation using satellite data covering oceanography, coastal area, atmosphere and land surfaces domains; - Environment, Ecology and Health. In this frame, ACRI-ST delivers three types of activities : - Research and study activities related to numerical modelling and simulation of physical phenomena applied to environmental issues (ocean and atmosphere modelling, numerical fluid dynamics, geophysics); - Engineering activities for the specification, development and validation of data processing of Earth Observation systems and in particular end to end simulators, instrument simulators, ground processing prototypes and operational instrument processing facilities; - Operations of environmental monitoring and forecast services based on Earth Observation, modelling and in-situ observations.
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Address 260 Route du Pin Montard BP 234 06904 Sophia Antipolis Cedex FRANCE
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