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Family name NIEKE
Name Jens
Name RSL, University of Zurich
Department Remote Sensing Laboratories
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Institution description The Remote Sensing Division was formed in the late fifties, starting with the interpretation of aerial photography. As soon as new sensor systems such as thermal IR, multispectral scanners, airborne SLAR etc became available for civil purposes, they were systematically evaluated for its geographical applications. With the launch of ERTS-1 (Landsat 1) in 1972 the satellite era began, opening the scale to national, international and even global research activities. Accordingly digital classification techniques were initiated progressively, and solutions developed for difficult conditions, be it for mountainous alpine terrain or for operational uses in developing countries. Main emphasis has always been placed on the multitemporal aspects, on monitoring seasonal and long-term changes, combining remote sensing with auxillary data sources. Today we are engaged in practically all aspects of modern geographical data handling by integrating remote sensing with GIS, DEM, Computer Graphics, as well as basic research such as geometric and radiometric sensor calibration, simulation and modeling techniques. Our main research and application activities are being carried through the following four laboratories: * Radar Remote Sensing * Landscape Visualization * Spectroscopy * Land Cover Mapping and Monitoring Remote sensing is an ideal tool for a continuous surveying and inventoring of natural resources as a basis for a sustainable management and planning. Therefore, the division is also involved into remote sensing technology transfer to third world countries and is assisting in the related teaching courses in methodology development for environmental studies. In addition to teaching and research activities, RSL is part of the Swiss National Point of Contact (NPOC), the national information, distribution and archive center for satellite images. The duties of the NPOC are carried out in close cooperation with the Federal Office of Topography (swisstopo).
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Address University of Zurich Remote Sensing Laboratories Room: 25L53 Winterthurerstr. 190 CH-8057 Zurich Switzerland
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