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Family name MACO
Name Bogdan
Nationality Romania
Name National Meteorogical Administration
Department Numerical Modeling Department
Institution legal status
Institution description The main object of activity of the National Meteorological Administration is represented by the activity of meteorology and climatology crucial for Romanian socio-economic development and the integration of this activity in the conventions and international relations system, with the following tasks: - perform observations and measurements upon weather conditions and evolution; - ensure and control the internal circulation of meteorological data and information; - carry out methodologies for data measuring and processing, and achieve meteorological products; - carry out weather diagnoses, forecasts and warnings; - work out research studies in the meteorological domain; - expertise, validate and store data and information specific to the national meteorological data Fund, in order to update and build thematic data banks at national level; - work out climate evolution studies and scenarios; - ensure the exchange of meteorological data and information in fast flow; - perform the international data exchange in the meteorological domain; - carry out climatology components of the impact and environmental balance studies; - organize and co-ordinate the national system of training and capacity building in the domains of meteorology, climatology and physics of the atmosphere; An important component of the meteorological activity is the obtaining and transmission of observation data from the ground, radar and upper-air stations network. By its nature, meteorology imposes a close international collaboration, Romania being a founding member of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). Besides the international data exchange, NMA participates in international actions within the WMO programmes, both related to scientific projects financed by the European Community (EC) or bilateral and multilateral collaborations.
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Address Sos. Bucuresti - Ploiesti nr.97 Bucharest, Romania
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