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Family name VELLICO
Name Michela
Nationality Italy
Name OGS
Department IRI
Institution legal status
Institution description The National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics ( is a research institute financed by the Italian Ministry of Universities and Research, that deals with issues related to geology, geophysics, oceanography and biology. These activities are carried out by five departments (Geophysics of the Lithosphere, Oceanography, Seismology, Marine Technology and Research, Marine Biology). OGS aims at transferring the results of its research activities to industry, collaborates with other scientific institutions and establishes partnerships with industrial research and development centres. CARS project unit (CArtography and Remote Sensing, part of the Geophysics of the Lithosphere Department) specifically operates in the field of remote sensing. Its main activities are acquisition, processing and interpretation of laser-scanning, hyperspectral and thermal data. Other activities of the group are SAR interferometry (generation of displacements maps and digital elevation models), gravity and geodesy (computation of local high-resolution geoids). CARS unit applies the remote sensing technology in many fields such as electric power transmission lines and landslides monitoring, water management in flood risk areas, land use classification and biomass calculation. CARS project unit is actually involved in European projects related to CO2 emissions and energy efficiency evaluation of buildings (ENERGYCITY). It took part at several European projects; in one of them it has developed a remote sensing monitoring technique useful to detect CO2 leakages in Carbon Capture and Storage Scenarios (CO2GEONET). CARS project unit has been also involved in European projects related to water management and risk evaluation (ENHYGMA). It has developed and experimented the use of remote sensing techniques to hydraulic risk prevention and protection.
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Address Borgo Grotta Gigante 42/C
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