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Family name LANG
Name Stefan
Nationality Germany
Name University Salzburg
Department Centre for Geoinformatics (Z_GIS)
Institution legal status
Institution description The “Centre for GeoInformatics” (Z_GIS) at Salzburg University is a well established centre of competence in GIScience, active in research, continuing education and industry cooperation. With the competence being built from basic and applied research primarily funded through international programmes, Z_GIS engages in educational and capacity building activities, outreach initiatives and international collaboration projects. We promote practical implementation of geo-spatial tools reflected in collaboration agreements with leading enterprises in the GI sector. At the same time the team of GI specialists contributes their skills and expertise to study-programmes and research at Salzburg University as well as a range of international partner organisations.
Contact information
Address Schillerstr. 30
Phone hidden
E-mail hidden

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