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Family name MROZ
Name Marek
Nationality Poland
Name University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn
Department Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Institution legal status
Institution description The University of Warmia and Mazury (UWM) was founded on 1 September 1999, after merging three educational institutions: the fifty-year-old Academy of Agriculture and Technology, the thirty-year-old Pedagogy College and the 450-year-old Warmian Theological Institute. The university employs about 3300 people of which 2000 are teachers including 230 professors and 280 habilitated doctors.Its sixteen faculties educate over 34,000 students: 24,000 daytime, 10,000 weekend, 350 doctoral and 4000 post-graduate. We provide our students with the opportunity to attain a comprehensive education in a wide range of studies: humanities, pedagogy, theology, fine arts, law, veterinary medicine, agriculture, engineering, biology, economics, mathematics and, since the academic year of 2008/2009, medicine. Students have a choice of 49 academic majors and three interdisciplinary studies. Later on they may pursue doctoral studies in fifteen academic fields as well as 130 forms of post-graduate studies. In 2008, 6500 day-time students and 2900 weekend students graduated from the university.
Contact information
Address Oczapowskiego 1/109
Phone hidden
E-mail hidden

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