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Family name BULLER
Name Ludmia
Nationality Poland
Name University of Warsaw
Department Faculty of Physics, Institute of Geophysics
Town Warsaw
Country Poland
Institution legal status University
Institution description The Institute of Geophysics is a part of Warsaw Uniwersity Physics Department. It's composed of the Section of Atmospheric Physics, Lithosphere Physics, and Information Optics. The Section of Atmospheric Physics deals with the physics of clouds and precipitation, studies the radiative properties of the atmosphere, numerical modelling of flows (including cloud models), and theoretical hydrodynamics. The Section of Lithospheric Physics studies the interior of the Earth and other bodies of the Solar System through seismic methods, observations of the gravitational field, magnetic field, and heat flow from the Earth, numerical modelling of convection processes within the Earth's interior, and nuemrical modelling of processes within the interiors and on the surfaces of comets, satellites and planets. The Section of Information Optics carries out research in nano and microoptics, and in particular on: metallic-dielectric nanostructures, photonic crystals and optical fibers, and metamaterials. Methods of modelling of nanostructures are developed, as are new nanooptical devices, such as probes for near-field scanning optical microscopes (SNOM).
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Address ul. Pasteura 7 02-093 Warszawa Poland
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