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Family name VATSEVA
Name Rumyana
Nationality Bulgaria
Name Institute of Geography, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Department Centre for Geoinformatics
Institution legal status
Institution description Founded in 1950, the Institute of Geography is the only academic research organization that studies the complete system of natural and cultural features of Bulgaria, as they differ from place to place and produce unique landscapes. This spatial integration perspective accounts for the interdisciplinary nature of the Institute’s activities, which focus on the interaction between nature, population, economy, and society. The spaces and places of Bulgaria, its areas and regions, engage the professional attention of the academic geographers. The Institute of Geography was among the first research institutions in Bulgaria, which studied the different aspects of environmental protection. It coordinated the most complete survey of the natural and socio-economic potential of the Bulgarian mountains, as well as the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The first geographic study of the regions in Bulgaria resulted in a physical, as well as economic, regionalization scheme of this country. The Institute of Geography takes responsibility for the fundamental national and EU research priorities in respect to the present and future organization of the overall geographic space of the country. Its main goals include raising the competitiveness and the sustainable development of Bulgarian economy in conditions of Euro-integration and globalization, as well as to preserve nature and the cultural identity of the Bulgarian people.
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Address Аcad. G. Bonchev Str., Block 3
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