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Software tools - ENMAP-BOX

Data Processing / Hyperspectral Imagery



Publisher: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Producer: Other
Platform: Platform-independent
Software / Code: IDL
Requirements: IDL 8.4 runtime environment
Software version: 2015
Status: Ready to use


  • Easy-to-use GUI, with drop-down menus, expandable tree-based file explorer and drag-and-drop capabilities.
  • Visualization and processing of hyperspectral image data and field/laboratory spectra.
  • Import and export from and to different data formats.
  • In-built applications aimed at the processing of hyperspectral data, such as Support Vector Machines and Random Forests for classification or regression of image data.
  • Externally developed applications for EnMAP data processing, e.g. Partial Least Squares Regression or the calculation of different agricultural spectral indices. See Applications for an overview of all applications.
  • A rich application programming interface (hubAPI) that allows to develop new EnMAP-Box applications easily.


  • van der Linden, S.; Rabe, A.; Held, M.; Jakimow, B.; Leitão, P.J.; Okujeni, A.; Schwieder, M.; Suess, S.; Hostert, P. The EnMAP-Box—A Toolbox and Application Programming Interface for EnMAP Data Processing. Remote Sens. 2015, 7, 11249-11266.
  • EnMAP-Box Documentation:

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